Town Government / Offices & Committees

OPEN positions and job descriptions listed at the bottom of the page. 

Selectpersons, Assessors & Overseers of the Poor:  Office 207-422-6719

Town Manager:  Ray Weintraub 207-422-6719, email:

Treasurer:  Amy Dunn, Office 207-422-6282, email:

Tax Collector:  Lynn A. Dunbar, Office 207-422-6282, email:

Town Clerk:  Yvette Grindle,  Office 207-422-6282, email:

Deputy Town Clerk: Gail Brown, Office 207-422-6282, email:

RSU24 Representative:  Vernon Campbell; email: (term expires 2025) 

General Assistance:  Vacant; Office 207-422-6282 

Harbor Master:  Vacant

Planning Board:  Graham Platner, Chair; 207-610-2441; Members:  Norman Bamford, Jack Hornberger, Samantha Marshall, Michael Pinkham II and Duane Crawford.  One (1) alternate seat is available.

  • Building Permits:  Any construction in the town of Sullivan requires a building permit.  Some require a fee.  If you do not obtain a permit prior to demolition or construction, all fees can be doubled.
  • Code Enforcement Officer:  Michael Gurtler; office: 207-288-3545, cell: 207-460-5544, email:
  • Plumbing Inspector: Rebecca Albright; 207-537-3263
  • Assessor:  Parker Appraisal Co., Robert Gingrass, 207-878-5599

Board of Appeals:  Robert Phillips, Chair; 207-422-6236; Members:  Reginald Means, Robert Dahn, Lawrence Tozier and Vernon Campbell.  Two (2) alternate seats are available.

Road Commissioner:  Board of Selectpersons (see contact info above)

Animal Control Officer:  Vacant; and/or Roree Severance.  Home: (207) 537-2995, and cell: (207) 460-9076.  All dogs aged 6 months or older must be licensed annually by December 31st.  New tags are available by November 1st, and require presentation of up-to-date rabies certificate.  If the dog is no longer in your possession and was previously registered in the Town of Sullivan, please contact the town office at 207-422-6282 to update records.  Fees for neutered/spayed dogs are $6.00/year;  non-neutered/non-spayed dogs are $11.00/year.  A $25.00 late fee, per dog, will be charged after January 31st.

Budget Committee:  Gary Edwards, Chair, 207-422-0995.  Members:  Jack & Myra Hornberger, Candy Eaton, Bethany Leavitt, Don Snoke, and Roger Wakefield

Cemetery Committee:  Gary Edwards, Chair, 207-422-0995. Jeanne Edwards, Andrea St. George Jones, Robert Dahn, DJ Deans, and Myra Hornberger

Frenchman’s Bay Regional Shellfish Commission for the municipalities of Ellsworth, Franklin, Hancock, Lamoine, Sorrento, Sullivan and Trenton.  Mission Statement: These municipalities shall act collaboratively as stewards to preserve, protect, manage and enhance the shellfish resources and ecological well-being of the Greater Frenchman Bay Region and to insure a sustainable harvest of shellfish and opportunity for those who make their living on the tide.  The Shellfish Ordinance is posted on the Ellsworth, Maine website and linked here:  Shellfish         2022 FB Shellfish Conservation info

OPEN POSITION: None at this time


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