Town Government / Offices & Committees

OPEN positions and job descriptions listed at the bottom of the page.


Selectpersons, Assessors & Overseers of the Poor:  Office 207-422-6719

Town Manager:  Stacy Tozier, Office 207-422-6719, email:

Treasurer & Tax Collector:  Lynn A. Dunbar, Office 207-422-6282, email:

Town Clerk:  Jessica Parker,  Office 207-422-6282, email:

Deputy Town Clerk: Gail Brown, Office 207-422-6282, email:

RSU24 Representative:  Vernon Campbell; email: (term expires 2025) 

General Assistance:  Stacy G. Tozier; Office 207-422-6282 

Harbor Master:  Michael Pinkham; 207-422-9953 

Planning Board:  Graham Platner, Chair; 207-610-2441; Members:  Norman Bamford, Jack Hornberger, Samantha Marshall, Michael Pinkham II and Duane Crawford.  One (1) alternate seat is available.

  • Building Permits:  Any construction in the town of Sullivan requires a building permit.  Some require a fee.  If you do not obtain a permit prior to demolition or construction, all fees can be doubled.
  • Code Enforcement Officer:  Michael Gurtler; office: 207-288-3545, cell: 207-460-5544, email:
  • Plumbing Inspector: Rebecca Albright; 207-537-3263
  • Assessor:  Parker Appraisal Co., Robert Gingrass, 207-878-5599

Board of Appeals:  Robert Phillips, Chair; 207-422-6236; Members:  Reginald Means, Robert Dahn, Lawrence Tozier and Vernon Campbell.  Two (2) alternate seats are available.

Road Commissioner:  Board of Selectpersons (see contact info above)

Animal Control Officer:  Marie Zwicker, 207-460-8920 or 207-266-5027; and/or Roree Severance.  Home: (207) 537-2995, and cell: (207) 460-9076.  All dogs aged 6 months or older must be licensed annually by December 31st.  New tags are available by November 1st, and require presentation of up-to-date rabies certificate.  If the dog is no longer in your possession and was previously registered in the Town of Sullivan, please contact the town office at 207-422-6282 to update records.  Fees for neutered/spayed dogs are $6.00/year;  non-neutered/non-spayed dogs are $11.00/year.  A $25.00 late fee, per dog, will be charged after January 31st.

Budget Committee:  Gary Edwards, Chair, 207-422-0995.  Members:  Jack & Myra Hornberger, Candy Eaton, and Harvey Kelley

Cemetery Committee:  Gary Edwards, Chair, 207-422-0995. Jeanne Edwards, Andrea St. George Jones, Gary Dahn, DJ Deans, Myra Hornberger, Raina Sciocchetti, and Stacy Tozier.


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