Cemeteries of Sullivan



Rules and Regulations pertain to the Town of Sullivan public cemeteries:

Birch Tree Cemetery, Tunk Pond Road, East Sullivan

Blaisdell Cemetery, off River Road, West Sullivan

Gordon Cemetery, Taunton Drive, West Sullivan

Johnson-Martin Cemetery, Old Grange Hall Road, East Sullivan

York Hill Cemetery, US Highway 1, Sullivan Harbor


A burial permit from the Town of Sullivan is required for interment.

These are available in the town office at 1888 US Highway 1.  Tel: 207-422-6282

Available burial lots, including for cremated remains, in the above cemeteries may be purchased from the Town of Sullivan. New Cremation lots will be single grave lots.


Cemeteries are open ½ hour after sunrise to ½ hour before sunset, seven days a week between May 1 and October 31.  Cemeteries are closed between November 1 and April 30.


Visitors are welcome to walk through the cemeteries and visit graves.  To maintain respect and honor for those resting in the cemetery and their

families, we ask that your visits be conducted quietly without loud conversation, loud music, or large gatherings of people except for graveside



Alcohol, Dogs off leash, Motorized recreational vehicles (ATV, dirt bikes, snowmobiles), Litter and Gravestone rubbings.


The Town of Sullivan is responsible for mowing burial lots and for road maintenance between May and October.

Lot owners are responsible for the care of monuments, markers, gravestones on their lots.


 The following items may not be installed on burial lots.

Trees, Shrubs, Fences, Walls, Hedges, Tombs, Non- vegetative ground covers – stone, wood chips, gravel, etc.

The land level of the burial lot may not be altered.

Arrangements on burial lots may not be in breakable containers, such as glass, ceramics, or pottery.

Arrangements left on lots after March 31 will be disposed of, to prepare for spring cleanup.

The Town is not responsible for the destruction or loss of mementos left on the gravestone or burial lot.


The Town of Sullivan is required by State of Maine law to care for and maintain veterans’ graves.  This includes veterans’ graves in both public

and private cemeteries.  The Town collaborates with veterans’ groups and other volunteer organizations to keep these sacred spaces in good

condition and to place a new American flag on each veteran’s grave on Memorial Day.




Sullivan in 1881

1881 Sullivan Map
Photo credits, this page. Bottom photo: Laura Zamfirescu, photography  All Rights Reserved.