Budget Committee

Spending tax dollars wisely in the Town of Sullivan, Maine!

Join us in our commitment to prioritize responsible allocation of tax funds in Sullivan.



At the Town of Sullivan, Maine, our utmost priority is to effectively assign funds for the upkeep and enhancements of our beloved community. With this purpose in mind, the Sullivan Budget Committee diligently works to ensure that the town’s resources are wisely allocated. We are committed to continually preserving and improving the quality of life for all residents.



Membership information


Gary Edwards, Chair

Candy Eaton, Secretary

Don Snoke

 Bethany Leavitt

Myra Hornberger

John Hornberger

Roger Wakefield



If you have any questions about the committee, please contact Gary Edwards.


Budget Committee Meetings


Committee Agendas and Minutes


Budget Committee agenda 2-13-2024 2.13.24 Budget Committee Minutes




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